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Rent the Shuttle Pod

Shuttle Pod Bundle - 8ft


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Rental Length Cost Daily rate
From 4 Days $332 $83
From 5 Days $415 $83
From 7 Days $441 $63
From 10 Days $600 $60
From 14 Days $784 $56
From 21 Days $1050 $50
From 30 Days $1290 $43
From 45 Days $1485 $33
From 60 Days $1680 $28
From 90 Days $1800 $20

Items included:

  • Shuttle Pod
  • Cheese Plate Insert
  • 100mm Bowl Insert
  • Flat mount adapter
  • Keeper / Grabber Wheel Kit
  • Outrigger Feet (x2)
  • 8' Rail
  • Cross Brace w/ knobs
  • End braces for tripod mounting (on request)

Item description:

The Kessler Shuttle Pod™ is a unique camera dolly system that can utilize your existing standard Kessler Crane (11.5" width) as the rail / track system for the dolly. You can also use our proprietary expandable rail system (included). The Shuttle Pod™ has multiple optional camera mounting options available, using the Cheese Plate and 100mm Bowl Mount inserts.

The Shuttle Pod™ is completely smooth and silent and can even be removed and used as a table top dolly, by rolling on a smooth surface.

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