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The Basic Controller Bundle can be use with the Pocket Dolly, Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly, or CineSlider. The Basic Controller allows for linear (side to side) movement, with adjustable speed control and has built in 0.5 second of digital dampening for starts / stops. 

The Basic Controller has 3 modes. 
Momentary Mode: 
Hold down the direction button and the carriage moves as long as the button is held down. Variable speed can be adjusted "on the fly" while the carriage is in motion. 
Continuous Mode: 
Press direction button once to begin carriage movement, and press it again to stop it. 
Pulse Mode: 
This mode allows you to make ultra-slow movements that can be used for basic time lapses. 
The Basic Controller is only for use with the slider configurations. It is NOT compatible with the Revolution Pan / Tilt Head. 
Bundle Includes: 
  • Basic Controller  
  • 120v AC Power Supply w/Wall Plug  
  • 5ft CAT5 Cable + Coupler
  • One motor mount of your choice
  • One motor of your choice

BASIC Controller Timelapse Estimator by Kessler

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